Embroidery Hoop Art

my friend, Pearl is leaving HongKong to Melbourne, Australia in early May.
So I was thinking what I should make for her & her husband James as a farewell gift!?!?!?!!??!?  

Ok, I thought of this! 

Although I am not good at embroidery, (haha), I still gave it a try! 

I drew the name & pattern on a piece of paper, then just put on top of the fabric and locked them with a pin! :P 
Then start doing the name first, um....as free hand drawing, so not too tidy :P

The flower thing I picked 
the State flower of Victoria: Common Heath
As I said earlier, she is moving to Melbourne where is the capital city in the state of Victoria. 

I think the work is not perfect but I still like it 
(definitely need to practice more).... 

For backing, just cut a piece of felt and free hand sewing 
"best wishes, karen 4-2013, ♥ ♥ k"
& glue with the back of the work! hehehehehe 

Good luck for their next stage of life in Aussie!!!!! 

love love, k

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