Crochet Starburst Hotpad

I found this Starburst Hotpad pattern on Ravelry.com. 
1st impression: WOW so pretty!!!
2nd impression: Oh is it difficult to make?
Ans: NO! 

Thanks Carol Floyd's Youtube demonstration of how magically to turn 5 motifs into this pretty thing!!!! 

Here, I also put my progress into pictures and let's get some quick idea of how to make this pretty & useful hotpad!Yay!

Remark: I made a loop for hanging by using i-cord! So it can hang in the kitchen:) 

So would you like to make one for yourself or a friends of yours?
I made this for my lovely friend! :) Definitely will make more!!! 

love love, k


  1. gracias,siempre me habian gustado este tipo de flores y no sabia como se realizaban.Agradecida por compartir.Intentare de hacerlas en una matita para mi nietecita que viene en camino muy pronto.

    1. Maryoire,
      Grande y Gracias ~ (translated by Google translate)
      love love, k