AprKAL2013 - Steeking Coffee Cosy

Today is 29th of April,.... my April is quite busy but I feel good about it! :)

AprKAL2013 from KAL on Google+ has 2 challenges in April. Early this month, I already finished one, Double Knitting Pot Holder.

As of today, I also finished another challenge - steeking Coffee cosy.
What is steeking? 
When u are knitting with multicolor pattern and knit in ROUND, then CUT the your fabric and turn into FLAT.

I just found one short video from Knitting Daily, Eunny Jang demonstrates 3 different techniques of steeking, from 2:30 on the  video :). 

For me, I just followed the designer, Rachel Henryfrom the pattern I followed on ravelry.com. When I was going to CUT my work, I was struggling & undo the crochet and do it again as I felt I need "Double CHECK"! ahahahah  But I did it! :) YAY

love love, k

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