April New Knitting - WIP

I have started TWO projects in April already.

1st Project: Orna bag by Nathalie O'Shea

I found this pattern (was free) somewhere in 2009. Why I picked this? Wow,because at that time Spotlight shop was NEW in HongKong (I used to shop there when i lived in Sydney, Aussie) and it was so nearby my work back then. So I went there very often for window shopping & real shopping! haha I bought this light green yarn. I like the color and texture very much although it is 100% acrylic yarn still very soft to me! 

Then I was searching around for pattern to use this yarn and I found this Orna bag. Unfortunately at that moment I did not knit for some years and my last knitting experience was just cable stitches... and this bag involves Lace stitches , "YO" thing.... I could not figure out how to do it and the counting... and another misleading thing was....

The instruction is saying need size 10 needles and the yarn recommends 10mm needles... Do u see my problem here??? >.<
I bought the 10mm circular needle and when I was knitting it, the bag was HUGE!....

Then later on I was guessing the "size 10 needles" is meaning US Size 10 that mean 6mm needles... wt.....

So after some cast on and ripped off .... this project was frogged..........

In Oct of 2011, I solved the problem of "yo" by watching a Youtube video to do my  ribbed lace bolero... YAY... I got it finally! 

So, now 2013 I think I should finish it up and should not keep it as my stash, rite? 

Ok, the base of the bag the instruction says just Garter stitch but after I learnt the Sock knitting and I used the Sock gusset knitting to make it more stronger (I think)...

Up to now, I have finished 3 rounds of this 8-row pattern. Total needs 6 rounds! so 50% done. 

The 2nd project in April, I will show here on tomorrow! :)

love love, k

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