2nd Block is on the way

My second square sampler of my YearLongAfghanKAL2013 is blocking now! 

After the first round experience (SS#23), I use a triangle ruler to check the 4 corners & the lines if straight or not. So it was much much faster then the first one. 

The first one took me around 45 mins and this one I think is around 20 mins! Wow! :P

BTW, I bought 3 packs of pin (@60pins per pkg) means 180pins. Wow I am collecting pins or what!?!?! XD 
But sure, more pin you use mean better it comes out!!! :)

***Side story***
When I was knitting this SS#38 I was watching TV and I thought I did count "carefully". HOWEVER, when I was knitting around the last 3-4 rows.... I finally SAW the 2nd round of the pattern is missing ONE part...... @.@ At the end, I decided left it like this! LOL

Square Sampler #23: 3/26-27/2013 
Square Sampler #38: 3/28-31/2013

love love, k

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