April New Knitting - WIP/ FO [Double Knitting]

Yesterday I said I have started 2 projects in April & I showed one to you on yesterday. Guess what? The 2nd one I wanted to show to you today, not anymore WIP! It is a FO!!!!!! 

This project is one of my AprKAL2013. The group has posted 3 projects for us to do in April. I picked this one first as I want to learn how to do the Double Knitting! :)

Thanks again YouTube to let so many knitters to be my teachers online! Thank you very much! 

I forgot to save the videos I watched, but still have some for your reference:

Hope you also like the double knitting! :) 

love love, k

Remark: for the people who may not understand the terms:
WIP: Work in Progress
FO: Finished Object

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