My Photoshop Tuesday

This week I tried this: 

1) Item: My Felt Bunny; 
2) Background: tote bag I made; 
3) Black color frame;
4) Try the Filter > Render > Lens Flare 

Filter > Render > Lens Flare

ah... some "Light effect"... so I added 2 on my photo :P

Enjoy my Photoshop Tuesday!!!! Thanks! :)

love love, k


Kraft Hunting Thursday

Do you Pin? I mean Pinterest!!! :P
Loving to Pin around as giving me so many ideas!!!(I know many ladies are doing the same like me >.<)

Now, I have "pinned" so much... my wish-making list is so loooooooong now... haha

This LACE BOWL I have been longing to make! This is a traditional kraft but still popular somehow I think. I saw some similar item at Franc Franc. 

Do you want to make this too? or you have made one already?!? 
Can you share with me please?! :)


love love, k


My Photoshop Tuesday

I practice Photoshop by doing as I didn't learn it proper & I hate reading those "phonebook size" self-learning/ for dummies textbooks... so just learning by observing or asking colleagues & Mr. J so I am still at kindergarten level! XD

I like sitting next to Mr. J when he is doing sthg on PS. Then I would go back and try those technique... and sometime found out sthg new by myself and I would be very happy! (so naive!!!)

Usually, my procedure is:  
1) Take photo with Natural Sun Light(If in the morning and/or sunny day, otherwise with my desk lamp XD)& usually I like to use a white big cardboard as a background. 
2) after taking the photos I want, then I choose the best ones;
3) open it with Photoshop on my computer;
4) adjust the brightness of the photo;
5) then make a background frame(my preference);
6) then trying something out on PS... 

Today, I try out this....
Filter > Artistic > Cutout

can try out different styles to choose what u want

I picked this one! ;)

Tell you a secret! Before I practice my drawing and photo editing on PS, I used PowerPoint to make drawing... people couldn't realize I used PPT to draw!!! wahahahahaha
Draw with PowerPoint :P

From now on, I will post my PS practice on every Tue here! 
Stay tune and you are always welcome to leave your advice to me! Thanks!!!!

So enjoy My Photoshop Tuesday

love love, k


When Mint meets Lilac Again

When Mint meets Lilac Again...

Recently I am crazy with the color of Lilac and Mint!!!!! I found when they combine together, they look so good together!!!! :)
So, I put them together again like this!!!! 

Unfortunately the Mint Bunny has been taken to her new home, so I cannot put them together and take photo..... anyway!!! Hope the new family loves her!!!! ^.^
love love, k


Blythe: Fashion

Blythe was very popular in the early 2000.... but after 12 years, is she still popular??!?!?

um... but out there, there are many Blythe's fans make a lot of pretty outfits for her!
So, I also make some for her!!!! :)

Do you like Blythe?!?!?! :)

love love, k


Crochet a flower brooch

This is a quick project! 

After you made 3 different sizes flower.. then stack and sew them together... look pretty already, 
but add a pearl, bling bling or even a button on the middle, it will look totally different and upgrade a lot! :)

Don't forget add a brooch pin at the back so can wear it on cloth, bag, hat, or even on your pencil case! :) 

love love, k


Baby Bib: Knit + Crochet

Searching on Ravelry.com.... can give me many ideas, references, patterns.... but sometime too much to choose.... 

Recenlty I was searching baby bib....  but at the end I made my own version! Hope it works on a baby girl! ahahahah 

1. Start with Knitting a square 15cm x 15cm (approx.) in Stocking sts;
2. Single crochet (sc) around the rim;

3. [Double Crochet (dc), chain (ch), Double Crochet] repeat *in 3 sides only;
4. [(dc1, ch, dc2, ch, dc3, ch, dc4, ch, dc5), sc] repeat
5. chain 45 and make 3 rows of sc... add a button hole at the end.

Oh I used the 55% cotton & 45% polyacrylic, Yarnart Jean. It is very soft and easy to knit & crochet with! 

I will try to make this crochet part in diagram... as I learnt that way.. I don't like to read crochet in words! How's about u? :P

Love love, k

My Martha Stewart Living Magazine(s)

I do order some eMagazine at Zinio... some reasons why I order there...
1. Cheaper to order an eMag than a hardcopy from overseas
2. No transportation fee
3. No piles of magazines at home
4. Can read and search on a device for any issue than find everywhere at home

but no fun that cannot flip around on paper! hahaha 

Recently I received a hardcopy from them! What's a surprise... but that issue I already have my soft copy!!?!?!? @.@

So, let me flip around with this hardcopy!  ahahahahhaa

love love, k

Good Weekend

It's Monday again! How's your last weekend?

I had a great one... did a lot of entertainment things rather than knitting... haha 

Mr. J & I went to watch MIB3 (3D) movie.... It is a great movie but I hate at the end made me cry! ahahahah !_! If you haven't watched it, Go Go Go!!!! 

As we went to The Grand Cinema at Elements shopping mall so we bought some macarons @ LGB. :P

Last Sat was busy busy,... met a friend for coffee for catching up.... then met other friends for Malaysian food, yummy yummy. (I think it must be a famous restaurant as there were many people queueing up at 6:30pm already....)

Then we went to see the 2012 Cellistra Annual Concert!!!! More than 10 great cellists playing together and invited a school Handbell ensemble to perform too... great concert!!!! ^.^

and also did some reviewing & planning time today... Super busy JUNE!!!!!! haha 

PS: I am self-learning the Photoshop (PS)... so I retouch & play around all the pictures on PS now ! ahahahahah so much fun! ^.^

Love love, k


Crochet - 2-ways Blanket/Cape

Finally finished it!!!!!
The last one full day made 14 flowers and all sew up!!!! I underestimated the whole project working hours....er... anyway let's share the photos with you! ^.^

1. Test Out how to crochet the flower | 2. crochet the blanket itself, 4 rows pattern | 3. crochet all purple color part make sure I would not run out of yarn | 4. add the mint color part | 5. the white part (new skill I learn here! ^.^)

Weave in and trim out all the excess! @.@

Getting closer to completion, the color combination is so nice

1. Beside pin them first, also fold the blanket in half.. make sue 2 sides flower are on the parallel direction! ^.< | 2. Sew one button and crochet a chain on the other side

so now you can see a blanket & a cape! Look so beautiful! haha

It's me and just showing to my customer how it works!!! 

Hope my end-customer would like it! ^.^

love love, k


Crochet on Glass Bottle: Elephant

When I was young, my parent's bedroom had a tall glass bottle with orange crochet dog.... (um... where is the picture of me next to it?!?!?)Let me ask my mum.... 

Anyway, so one day when I was drinking something.. and I looked at the glass bottle... immediately thinking I should make a crochet animal on top! So I tried this one!!!! 
Actually it was made a while ago... but as recently knitting elephants so thinking of this one! So want to share with you!!!! :) 
Can it inspire you to make something out of a glass bottle or even a wine bottle to create some cute little thing for decoration!!! ^.^

Let's get creative!!!

lovelove, k


Organic Elephant 2: DONE

um... when did I start making this elephant? ... I think the elephant is not hard to make, but the outfit... lot of trimming... time killer... but hey I have finished it!!!! 

I thought I never make photo that can show their size for your reference. So today I made 2 photos that may help you know how big they are! :)

What do you think? do you like the size?!!?!

This month, my schedule has full already... but my head already thinking what I am going to knit NEXT!!!

What would you like see next? Can you give me some suggestion, please?! :D

love love, k


Rubber Stamp Carving - show in Hong Kong

Few days ago, I was surfing online and I found an exhibition of showing Japanese Rubber Stamp Carving.. and even workshop! But it is too late!!!!!!!!!! 

The show has 3 phrases, (1) April 1 to May 20 - some Japanese stamp-carving instructors were here showing their work..... (2) May 24-25: WORKSHOP.....  !_! so sad knowing toooooo late... but I am sure if I know earlier still could not get in as limited seats....  anyway.. (3) May 24-Jun 30: They are showing the Master Artist, Ms. Tomoko Tsukui. I have read some of her publications before.

So, today is SaTurDay... I put my knitting or crochet whatever aside.. I went there to see her real work!!!! 

I am too shy to take photos of her works so cannot share here with you! But some of them are really a big piece of carving work, (2/3 of a A4 size & nearly A4 size)!!! They are very detail!!!!!!! Although not showing too many as the place is too small (The venue is one of the commercial building locates somewhere in Central, near to LanKwaiFong. 

When we got in, they gave us a movie-like ticket and asked us to fill out some contact info for the LUCKY DRAW! ahahahhaa... They also selling some of her products, such as stamps, books, fabric... and even stamp making rubber and accessories. 

If you are in Hong Kong and you are interested in, please go there and take a look!!!! Here sharing some for you!!! 
you get a Lucky Draw ticket & a Discount coupon
This is one of the stamps you can stamp on your notebook as a souvenir! :P 
Making a BIG piece of work out of so many tiny stamps!!!!  

Here are the website for your reference:

love love, k


Elephant making of ..... (cont)

The last two days I was doing the baby crochet.... today I am back to my elephant A! :)

Now start making his clothes! :)

have a good weekend everyone! :D

love love, k