Baby Bib: Knit + Crochet

Searching on Ravelry.com.... can give me many ideas, references, patterns.... but sometime too much to choose.... 

Recenlty I was searching baby bib....  but at the end I made my own version! Hope it works on a baby girl! ahahahah 

1. Start with Knitting a square 15cm x 15cm (approx.) in Stocking sts;
2. Single crochet (sc) around the rim;

3. [Double Crochet (dc), chain (ch), Double Crochet] repeat *in 3 sides only;
4. [(dc1, ch, dc2, ch, dc3, ch, dc4, ch, dc5), sc] repeat
5. chain 45 and make 3 rows of sc... add a button hole at the end.

Oh I used the 55% cotton & 45% polyacrylic, Yarnart Jean. It is very soft and easy to knit & crochet with! 

I will try to make this crochet part in diagram... as I learnt that way.. I don't like to read crochet in words! How's about u? :P

Love love, k

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