Rubber Stamp Carving - show in Hong Kong

Few days ago, I was surfing online and I found an exhibition of showing Japanese Rubber Stamp Carving.. and even workshop! But it is too late!!!!!!!!!! 

The show has 3 phrases, (1) April 1 to May 20 - some Japanese stamp-carving instructors were here showing their work..... (2) May 24-25: WORKSHOP.....  !_! so sad knowing toooooo late... but I am sure if I know earlier still could not get in as limited seats....  anyway.. (3) May 24-Jun 30: They are showing the Master Artist, Ms. Tomoko Tsukui. I have read some of her publications before.

So, today is SaTurDay... I put my knitting or crochet whatever aside.. I went there to see her real work!!!! 

I am too shy to take photos of her works so cannot share here with you! But some of them are really a big piece of carving work, (2/3 of a A4 size & nearly A4 size)!!! They are very detail!!!!!!! Although not showing too many as the place is too small (The venue is one of the commercial building locates somewhere in Central, near to LanKwaiFong. 

When we got in, they gave us a movie-like ticket and asked us to fill out some contact info for the LUCKY DRAW! ahahahhaa... They also selling some of her products, such as stamps, books, fabric... and even stamp making rubber and accessories. 

If you are in Hong Kong and you are interested in, please go there and take a look!!!! Here sharing some for you!!! 
you get a Lucky Draw ticket & a Discount coupon
This is one of the stamps you can stamp on your notebook as a souvenir! :P 
Making a BIG piece of work out of so many tiny stamps!!!!  

Here are the website for your reference:

love love, k

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