My Photoshop Tuesday

I practice Photoshop by doing as I didn't learn it proper & I hate reading those "phonebook size" self-learning/ for dummies textbooks... so just learning by observing or asking colleagues & Mr. J so I am still at kindergarten level! XD

I like sitting next to Mr. J when he is doing sthg on PS. Then I would go back and try those technique... and sometime found out sthg new by myself and I would be very happy! (so naive!!!)

Usually, my procedure is:  
1) Take photo with Natural Sun Light(If in the morning and/or sunny day, otherwise with my desk lamp XD)& usually I like to use a white big cardboard as a background. 
2) after taking the photos I want, then I choose the best ones;
3) open it with Photoshop on my computer;
4) adjust the brightness of the photo;
5) then make a background frame(my preference);
6) then trying something out on PS... 

Today, I try out this....
Filter > Artistic > Cutout

can try out different styles to choose what u want

I picked this one! ;)

Tell you a secret! Before I practice my drawing and photo editing on PS, I used PowerPoint to make drawing... people couldn't realize I used PPT to draw!!! wahahahahaha
Draw with PowerPoint :P

From now on, I will post my PS practice on every Tue here! 
Stay tune and you are always welcome to leave your advice to me! Thanks!!!!

So enjoy My Photoshop Tuesday

love love, k

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