Crochet - 2-ways Blanket/Cape

Finally finished it!!!!!
The last one full day made 14 flowers and all sew up!!!! I underestimated the whole project working hours....er... anyway let's share the photos with you! ^.^

1. Test Out how to crochet the flower | 2. crochet the blanket itself, 4 rows pattern | 3. crochet all purple color part make sure I would not run out of yarn | 4. add the mint color part | 5. the white part (new skill I learn here! ^.^)

Weave in and trim out all the excess! @.@

Getting closer to completion, the color combination is so nice

1. Beside pin them first, also fold the blanket in half.. make sue 2 sides flower are on the parallel direction! ^.< | 2. Sew one button and crochet a chain on the other side

so now you can see a blanket & a cape! Look so beautiful! haha

It's me and just showing to my customer how it works!!! 

Hope my end-customer would like it! ^.^

love love, k