Chinese Moon Cake Festival 2013

Today is Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival aka Moon Cake Festival! 

Beside Moon Cake we can have, paper lantern is another popular item especially for kids.

In the last 2 years I wanted to knit a Bunny Lantern (one of the traditional one) but always too late to do so.... 
This year I thought let do something more funny is (1) make Amineko (2) make a bunny lantern for him. 

Also, I am happy that I bought a mini moon cake with a cute miniature moon cake tin. 
This pattern on the tin is one of the oldest moon cake box pattern. In the very early stage, it was printed on a paper box with moon cake. Later on, printed on tin but usually held 4 normal sizes moon cake inside this tin! hehe

Tonight, we will go to our grandma's home for a family dinner, eating moon cake, playing lanterns and look up to the sky for the FULL Moon! 

Happy Moon Cake Festival


love love, k

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