Rose Teapot Cozy

My 1st crochet TEAPOT COZY is done!!!! 

The pattern I followed was a Japanese pattern book & the original one with RED roses. At the beginning I also thought to use red color but I realise that the teapot itself has pink & purple rose patterns. Last minute change! eheheh 

The body of the cozy is easy to make and took not too long BUT the sewing up for the roses & leaves, then attached the roses on the cozy... REALLY TAKE TIME!!!!! 

Another piece as "Labor of Love" XD!

I also found that the Doily Dishcloth I made earlier in August is  a perfect match for this. So let them being together! hehehe 

It is sent out today and hopefully it will be arrived on time!!!!! 

Wish me luck! 

love love, k

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