My First Amineko Cat!

I have been seeing people posting their funny Amineko Cat for so long. Finally I also cannot resist this little fellow! XD!

Also, he is my first CROCHET doll. 

However I had problem when crocheting in round, sometime when keep on moving up... the number of stitches changed.... So when I making the 2nd arm (halfway) & I compared to the 1st one...er... why not look the same!?@@#@$#$%... look bigger... so undo...re-do.. 2 times, 3 times,.. or 4 times. I can't remember. Then for the legs happened the same! =.=

At the end, somehow look ok altogether! LOL

I will make more accessories for him to make more funny pictures!
Stay Tune! 

love love, k

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