Hand stitch with Applique & Embroidery - Part II

YEAH!  I finally have completed the whole piece, I cannot believe I really can finish it! 
However, my hand stitch skill is not good, and the final piece look Not Square At all......

It was really hard to place 3 layers correctly together... and I have measured again and again... The main problem was my top piece after did the applique, the fabric is not Square anymore... and I sprayed some water on top hope can help, .... of cos cannot....

So I give up the perfection and just try to do as good as I can for the binding and tried to fit all 4 corners. I could manage 3 corners look fit, just one corner is a bit off! :P

After handled the binding, do the hand stitches line around the square and the pattern. I don't know what this part call, but I made it! 

In conclusion, the first applique (the stems & leaves) my stitches were not quite right and you can see the green thread,... later on I was surfing on the Internet, then try another method. It works! 

Hand Quilting, hand stitches, Applique, Embroidery are really hard work and not easy to manage them right! 

I am envy so many ladies out there doing them so well! I should do more and make it better! 
Do you agree with me? 

Love, love k


Hand Stitch with Applique and Embroidery

I told you guys that I have been buying a lot of handcraft sets from Felissimo Japanese online shop.
Today, I am sharing with you my progress on one of the projects! This one involves hand stitch applique, embroider, and more and more hand stitches! 

1) Bear's School - the bear is just so cute
2) the design is just beautiful
3) Made a quick video to show you the first 2 parts of this project! 

Here we go!!!

I hope I would not ruin it during the next 2 parts! ahahah 

Stay Tune! :)

Love, love k


Homemade Pizza from scratch

Last week, I was watching FoodTube with my boyfriend, and watching Gennaro to teach how to make an easy pizza dough... then I said ok let's make it! 

Luckily, I bought the same yeast as he used at our local supermarket but I bought the plain flour is not white one is whole wheat one. I thought should be ok! 

Now I can remember the ingredients, here we go:

500g    Plain Flour
1 tsp   Salt
7g      Yeast
325ml   Water 

1) Mix well the Plain flour and salt first
2) Mix the Yeast into the water 
3) Make a well on (1), then add (2) in
4) mix well then start kneading 
5) Cut them into 4 smaller doughs
6) Cover with damp cloth or film for 2 hours

Of cos, please go to watch Gennaro's one on Foodtube! hehe

As I said I bought the whole wheat flour so the dough was a bit dried, not look like Gennaro's one, so we added a bit more water in.

I made the dough on Mon night and thought to prepare for our Tue night dinner, but my boyfriend could not wait,... so we baked our first pizza at 1:30AM.... we baked for 7 mins, but it should be better to bake maybe 10 mins....

On Tue night, we made 2 pizzas and each for 10 mins! YUMMY!!!!!!! 
I love Pizza, from now on I can make my own! YEAH! 

love, love k


First post in 2015 - Miniature Leather DIY

Hello my blog, I feel sorry that I was too busy and lazy not keeping up my blog! 

Last year I was busy for my aromatherapy study, exams and practice. Now I have finished the major classes and exams! 

I still have some paper need to write and practice my aromatherapy skills on 8 clients and 7 treatments each. I am working on it but it is slower than I expected! >.<

Since last year April, I have started to order handcrafts from a Japanese website, Felissimo. They have so so so many good stuffs (Handcrafts, home products and fashions).

I bought their handcraft catalog, Couturier, at convenient store for some times but I was afraid to buy as thought their system is difficult to understand, didn't want to spend money,... lot of excuses! hehe 

After a year, I have stocked up some amount of handcraft sets on hands!!! Recently and finally I finished all 12 miniature leather DIY. Felissimo has a lot of good ideas for beginners. Use the set I am going to show for an example. 

Each month they send you a set with pre-cut leather, thread, instruction, pattern and felt. The felt that can let you try to do all by yourself to pracitce. This is a One-year series, it means once you order the first one, from next month to 12th month, they will send to you automatically and deduct the cost per month, NOT in advance! They usually charge shipping fee as 10% of your total purchase but now if you buy over 10,000Yen, you get free shipment (at least to Hong Kong) :P

Here are the little items I made! They are so cute! ^_^ 

If anyone want to try, I highly recommend! ehehe 

PS: I am working on another new project from Felissimo but not in leather! Stay tune! 

Love, love k