Homemade Pizza from scratch

Last week, I was watching FoodTube with my boyfriend, and watching Gennaro to teach how to make an easy pizza dough... then I said ok let's make it! 

Luckily, I bought the same yeast as he used at our local supermarket but I bought the plain flour is not white one is whole wheat one. I thought should be ok! 

Now I can remember the ingredients, here we go:

500g    Plain Flour
1 tsp   Salt
7g      Yeast
325ml   Water 

1) Mix well the Plain flour and salt first
2) Mix the Yeast into the water 
3) Make a well on (1), then add (2) in
4) mix well then start kneading 
5) Cut them into 4 smaller doughs
6) Cover with damp cloth or film for 2 hours

Of cos, please go to watch Gennaro's one on Foodtube! hehe

As I said I bought the whole wheat flour so the dough was a bit dried, not look like Gennaro's one, so we added a bit more water in.

I made the dough on Mon night and thought to prepare for our Tue night dinner, but my boyfriend could not wait,... so we baked our first pizza at 1:30AM.... we baked for 7 mins, but it should be better to bake maybe 10 mins....

On Tue night, we made 2 pizzas and each for 10 mins! YUMMY!!!!!!! 
I love Pizza, from now on I can make my own! YEAH! 

love, love k

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