Hand stitch with Applique & Embroidery - Part II

YEAH!  I finally have completed the whole piece, I cannot believe I really can finish it! 
However, my hand stitch skill is not good, and the final piece look Not Square At all......

It was really hard to place 3 layers correctly together... and I have measured again and again... The main problem was my top piece after did the applique, the fabric is not Square anymore... and I sprayed some water on top hope can help, .... of cos cannot....

So I give up the perfection and just try to do as good as I can for the binding and tried to fit all 4 corners. I could manage 3 corners look fit, just one corner is a bit off! :P

After handled the binding, do the hand stitches line around the square and the pattern. I don't know what this part call, but I made it! 

In conclusion, the first applique (the stems & leaves) my stitches were not quite right and you can see the green thread,... later on I was surfing on the Internet, then try another method. It works! 

Hand Quilting, hand stitches, Applique, Embroidery are really hard work and not easy to manage them right! 

I am envy so many ladies out there doing them so well! I should do more and make it better! 
Do you agree with me? 

Love, love k


  1. I think you have done an awesome job !
    The little 'errors' you mention are really not noticeable (and only because you point them out) . Hand quilting can be very tedious work, especially keeping those stitches even, and you have done excellently :-)
    Just a thought -- maybe for the next square, you can cut a slightly larger piece than required. Then after appliqué & embroidery is complete, & the square ironed, you can measure again & cut out the extra bits ?

    1. Thanks for your words! It is so sweet from you! Practice make perfect, right!? :)