First post in 2015 - Miniature Leather DIY

Hello my blog, I feel sorry that I was too busy and lazy not keeping up my blog! 

Last year I was busy for my aromatherapy study, exams and practice. Now I have finished the major classes and exams! 

I still have some paper need to write and practice my aromatherapy skills on 8 clients and 7 treatments each. I am working on it but it is slower than I expected! >.<

Since last year April, I have started to order handcrafts from a Japanese website, Felissimo. They have so so so many good stuffs (Handcrafts, home products and fashions).

I bought their handcraft catalog, Couturier, at convenient store for some times but I was afraid to buy as thought their system is difficult to understand, didn't want to spend money,... lot of excuses! hehe 

After a year, I have stocked up some amount of handcraft sets on hands!!! Recently and finally I finished all 12 miniature leather DIY. Felissimo has a lot of good ideas for beginners. Use the set I am going to show for an example. 

Each month they send you a set with pre-cut leather, thread, instruction, pattern and felt. The felt that can let you try to do all by yourself to pracitce. This is a One-year series, it means once you order the first one, from next month to 12th month, they will send to you automatically and deduct the cost per month, NOT in advance! They usually charge shipping fee as 10% of your total purchase but now if you buy over 10,000Yen, you get free shipment (at least to Hong Kong) :P

Here are the little items I made! They are so cute! ^_^ 

If anyone want to try, I highly recommend! ehehe 

PS: I am working on another new project from Felissimo but not in leather! Stay tune! 

Love, love k


  1. Oh wow ! These are so cute ! Wonderful handcrafting :-)

  2. Thanks Muskann! Your tatting is also beautiful! I still don't have time to try tatting! :)