YearLong Knit-a-Long 2013 (Continue to 2014)

Feel so bad that I could not complete my YearLong Afghan KAL 2013 in 2013.....11 squares were behind. 
So from the first day of 2014 I have started to continue knitting these squares. On 19/1/2014, I announced that I have completed all 30 squares. YAY!!!!! 

Now it is the time to block all the new squares & some blocked ones that still not in the right size!!!!! 

Here showing you my recent blocking patterns! They are beautiful, aren't they? :P

Hope the process of crochet them together NOT a lonnnnnnnng one! LOL

I have put my 30 square pattern list on my Ravelry. You can go & check it out~ 

love, love k

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