Tailor-made crochet Amineko Cat

Remember I made my first Amineko Cat in September for Chinese Moon Cake Festival!? 

Well... my friend saw that one and asked me to make Amineko that look-a-like her cat~ um........... I thought how to make 2 tones with cat face/body pattern...Well, obviously I accepted this challenge... Then I clicked to her Facebook and checked out the cat. Immediately I sketched it down, the front and the back of the cat.

There are some concerns to stop me start immediately to crochet:
1) The "Gold" color hair of the Cat
2) The Amineko Cat has some pebbles inside the body for stability (but mine used dry green bean not green pea) but definitely I don't want to use this for her cat as I don't know if she would wash it or not!!!! LOL but I looked around my home no shop has small pebble for this purpose.
3) How I crochet the 2-tone on each row...with all those patterns on the cat.
4) My bf was back to HK in Oct and only stayed 3 weeks.
5) I started my Aromatherapy course in late Sept, so I have started to study and home revision....

...so based on above points and more (such as laziness & watching TV)... the project was delayed. 

Finally I think it is too bad if I couldn't finish it before Xmas for her. So I kicked my axx... I went to search yarn, beads,.........)I started and noticed my friend that I would give it to her by the end of last weekend [to give myself a push and let her know I am doing it! :P ]

So, the last week, I have been working hard on it every night..... but at the same time I was worry about my Chemistry exam as will be on 21/12..... what should I do!!!??! 

Well well well.... I finished the cat COMPLETELY on yesterday, 15 Dec, 2013. Including photo-shooting, labelling & packaging! HAHAHA

Today, my friend has a day off and she would come to my office to pick it up~ Yeah, save my time! So, I would go for my Chemistry study from today Mon to Fri, Exam on Sat! Then Xmas BBQ on Sat evening with my gals~~~~~~ YEAH~~~~~ 

I think as my Aromatherapy course has a LOT to learn. I should NOT take any order of knitting! LOL 

love, love k 

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