Year of Horse

I had a "FULL" Chinese New Year! We have been eating, sleeping, watching TV for the last 5-6 days!!! This year is Year of Horse and I am one of them!!! (In other words, I am turning 36 this year! Time is Definitely Flying like XXXX.... LOL)

Beside relax and enjoy the CNY with family, relatives and friends, I should have a ton of work to do! 

1. Homework: Oil Blending for Dermatology is done but will pass it to my friend to test on tomorrow!
2. Report on my Oil Blending
3. Knitting the Elephant for my client, her son is turning 1 on 19/2/2014! (this is TOP URGENT!)
4. Study Anatomy & Physiology (Exam in early March)and thousands, a millions of new words and things to learn & memorize. 
5. want to crochet that Red/white flower pad! 
By the way, I bought this crochet book yesterday! YEAH

Now going out to meet friends for dinner! Bye! 

Wish all of you have a wonderful Year of HORSE!

love, love k

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