Chinese Moon Cake Festival 2013

Today is Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival aka Moon Cake Festival! 

Beside Moon Cake we can have, paper lantern is another popular item especially for kids.

In the last 2 years I wanted to knit a Bunny Lantern (one of the traditional one) but always too late to do so.... 
This year I thought let do something more funny is (1) make Amineko (2) make a bunny lantern for him. 

Also, I am happy that I bought a mini moon cake with a cute miniature moon cake tin. 
This pattern on the tin is one of the oldest moon cake box pattern. In the very early stage, it was printed on a paper box with moon cake. Later on, printed on tin but usually held 4 normal sizes moon cake inside this tin! hehe

Tonight, we will go to our grandma's home for a family dinner, eating moon cake, playing lanterns and look up to the sky for the FULL Moon! 

Happy Moon Cake Festival


love love, k


My First Amineko Cat!

I have been seeing people posting their funny Amineko Cat for so long. Finally I also cannot resist this little fellow! XD!

Also, he is my first CROCHET doll. 

However I had problem when crocheting in round, sometime when keep on moving up... the number of stitches changed.... So when I making the 2nd arm (halfway) & I compared to the 1st one...er... why not look the same!?@@#@$#$%... look bigger... so undo...re-do.. 2 times, 3 times,.. or 4 times. I can't remember. Then for the legs happened the same! =.=

At the end, somehow look ok altogether! LOL

I will make more accessories for him to make more funny pictures!
Stay Tune! 

love love, k


Rose Teapot Cozy

My 1st crochet TEAPOT COZY is done!!!! 

The pattern I followed was a Japanese pattern book & the original one with RED roses. At the beginning I also thought to use red color but I realise that the teapot itself has pink & purple rose patterns. Last minute change! eheheh 

The body of the cozy is easy to make and took not too long BUT the sewing up for the roses & leaves, then attached the roses on the cozy... REALLY TAKE TIME!!!!! 

Another piece as "Labor of Love" XD!

I also found that the Doily Dishcloth I made earlier in August is  a perfect match for this. So let them being together! hehehe 

It is sent out today and hopefully it will be arrived on time!!!!! 

Wish me luck! 

love love, k


Crochet Roses on Sunday

How was your weekend?

I spent my whole Sunday to crochet leaves & rose petals....... and hand-sewing up all of them.

They are 7 Purple roses, 7 Pink roses & 2 extra leaves.

What are they making for? 

I am going to finish up today after work! 
Wish me luck to finish it by the end of today! :)

love love, k