my first shawl is completed!

wow, last Aug in 2012, I bought 4 balls of golden mustard cotton yarn, Mondial Cable 5 Filo Di Scozia, to knit my first shawl, Ginkgo Shoulderette Shawl by Maggie Magali.(free download from Ravelry.com):P

Aug-Sep 2012

At the beginning, I thought 2/3 is Stocking sts & 1/3 is the lace  should be okay to finish it by 2 weeks.... (Obviously I was wrong). Cos the first part is boring just keep knitting bigger & bigger... so I stopped it somewhere in Sept. 

Dec 2012 - Jan 2013

I thought, "Hey I have to complete it and I cannot leave it halfway (not really 50% work done)". So I picked up again although a bit long boring journey. Knit, knit, knit... 

The Pattern instruction wrote abt the calculation & the chart was a bit confused me.... so at the FIRST round, I knit 8x15 per side Plus 2 sts at the beginning. HUH! The wrong thing began. I was happy to start my Lace part... I think it was around 2 to 3 rows of Lace (I was watching TV).. oh no... sthg wrong and the counting was not right.... then I frogged as Chinese New Year & holiday was coming....

Mar 2013

I know & I want to KO it ASAP. So one nite, I undo the lace and some part of the stocking sts. I also read again the instruction. THEN, I FINALLY finally understood how the calculation works!!!! 

The calculation should be (also my shawl used) 2 Garter sts + ((9x15)+2) + 1 Centre st + ((9x15)+2) +  2 Garter sts = 279 sts 

Remark: [the instruction said if you want to increase the size before the lace part you need an odd multiple of 15 stitches + 2]

When I got this calculation clear,... continue to knit knit knit my Stocking sts... When I started my lace was not smooth, the counting had some problem, my yarn was a mess & knots.... I spent my nearly 12 hours on Sun to keep knitting & solve the yarn mess!!!! Anyway,... I spent 2 more nights to finish it! YAY!!!!! 

Then I bought a set of Baby mat as this is my first time to do Blocking. So followed the instruction, I soak the FO into some cold water for 30 mins, then dry it and laid out on top of the mat. Tried to stretch it out evenly. wow! Looking good! 

So after one day drying! Viola! DONE!!!! 

So happy that I can finish it on time for my own birthday! 

love love, k

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