Knitting Journey

My knitting journey started from highschool.... my 1st teacher must be my mum, then my home economic teacher (although she questioned my work if it was knitted by my mom instead of me, that made me so sad), my homestay mother & her daughter(She is genius in knitting & esp. sewing); later on knitting experts on Youtube, Ravelry, and some knitting books! 

So you can see now I mainly learn knitting online! 

During my holiday in Feb, I took some Free online knitting course!!! 
Q: Where?
A: Craftsy.com

This is very interesting online course! 
Easy to use, they also provide some instruction for you to download, you can make notes, ask question and even encourage you to post your work after you learn.

Right now I am enjoying their FREE ones! hehe 

Latest eMagazine I bought: Vogue Knitting 

The magazine has so many knitted fashion to follow! But most of them are big projects for me,... I need to think clear before take action otherwise I will produce a lot of "FROGGED" Objects in my room! LOL

Hope you will join me to take some courses or having fun to watch on youtube. Here is one of the Knitting Experts on Youtube that I like: Very Pink Knits! Her teaching & demonstration are very very clear!!!! You will LOVE her! :)

love love, k

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