2012 Project - No.2 Red Hat

My 365days Knit/Crochet-it-up Project, 2012:

No. 2 Red hat: 
Project date: Jan 4-7, 2012

I always want a red hat. Now I made my first one! yeah!!!!!

I have been searching a pattern of hat with nice & "free" on ravelry.com :)... actually there are plenty of choices to choose from but I decided to make this one first! 

At the beginning, it was not going smooth. Knit, undo, knit, undo, knit....etc....
Remember on Jan 5, I finished up the 1st round of the lace pattern (8 rows)...then started the 2nd round.... knit knit knit and found some mistake... as it is a lace pattern with many different stitches... so i decide to......... undo all (just intended to undo the lace but lost..... so undo the whole thing..........................) :(

Spent 2 days to finish it up... very pretty color, design and the whole look on my head... :D

However, I chose my monkey be my model! hehehe

love, k


2012 Project - No. 1 Sock

My 365days Knit/Crochet-it-up Project, 2012:

No. 1
I always want to knit a pair of socks with lace...so the first one I chose to knit a sock. As the first time so I knitted a small size to test. Good to test with a small one because problems always happen..... :(

Problem 1:
After the Heel Turn,… I didn’t understand the instruction about the number of stitches for instep & some extra stitches?!?!?! looked not right... and I just skipped the problem and let the "extra" stitches as the instep...

When finished up the Foot part,..and going to decrease on Toe part... finally I saw the problem... the front & the back needles would hold different no. of stitches.. however the final step to do the Kitchener stitch that the same amount of stitches....

Problem 2:
I don't know how to do the Kitchener stitch, so I looked for it on Youtube again.. I gathered 2 videos then finished it! ....
" Front needle: K slip, P stay; Back needle: P slip, K stay...." 

The sample from the book VS my FO ... you see my problem...
This is my test run to know how to knit socks… so just made one..I should look for other patterns to read and find out the problem I had...
love, k


2012 Knit/Crochet-it-up

Happy New Year 2012!!!! 
I had a great time on Dec 31 2011... BBQ on the rooftop and counted down with the Hong Kong Harbor view with firework!!!!! 
I want to make a 365-day knit/crochet project for myself. I know there is already some groups like this.... as in Hong Kong... so let start with myself..... 
If anyone wants to join me, let's do it together and get sharing our work, idea & experience here! :) 

btw, I bought 2 books just b4 2012... "The Needlecraft Book" & "Nicky Epstein: Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch". 
The first one has the techniques for knitting, crochet, embroidery, quilting, patchwork... has a lot of photo, picture illustrations... very detail! 
The second one has so many fun & nice idea to knit!!!!
Cannot wait to do more knit, knit, knit, crochet, crochet, crochet! 
Here is my Ravelry name: sorpo
Now go for my first knitting in 2012! :)

love, k