Knitting a Easter Bunny: Karol

After I made my bunny Kayla & posted on FB. My sister's friend asked for making one for her daughter who is a bunny lover.

So I made one for her and finished it before Easter! YEAH! :)  
Let me introduce this little bunny, Karol, to you here!
This time I made the dress in proper with a lovely collar! 
I am really happy with it and definitely I am going to make more! hohoho 

Can I turn this into a good business????? .... 
umm... I spent lot of time on it... so it is hard to do so, rite!?!?!?!??! Anyway I REALLY REALLY REALLY enjoy doing it!!!!
Oh I need to buy myself some real chocolate Easter eggs!!!! :P

love, k


  1. Oh gosh, I am melting here, how very lovely! Are you selling the pattern too or just the finished object? Very well done!!!

  2. thank you very much, Brickparachute! At the moment I am just selling finished object as my "Pattern" is still not tidy enough for other to read! >.<