Gifts for St. Valentine's Day

Yesterday was St. Valentine's Day, anyone hand-made a gift for your loved one?

I did! I knitted a Cushion Pillow Case that is based on my loved one's design toy, PikkePikke.
My original idea was making a 50x50cm Knitted Cushion case... but at the end the outcome is............ 69x46cm a size of Pillow........@.@ took me so long... so the date of giving out the gift was postponed from Xmas 2011 to Valentine's Day 2012... ehheheeh 2 mths delay.. :P

The eyes of the PikkePikke I was sew them in after I knitted the whole piece. (cos I forgot to buy the Black color yarn at the beginning...wt....)
I finally completed it and gave it to him and he loves it although I am not really happy with it. (I will try to make a cushion size next time.)

The present I got from him... a bear I want, Rilakkuma! (I told him I like this bear a month before! Wahahaha) 
I crocheted 2 roses for him today! :P

love, k

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