learn a new stitch: Smock Stitch

I love sitting all day do knitting and love to see after knitting some rows... the pattern will come out! I really enjoy and love this moment!!!! 

Learn a new stitch is one of the excitement of my life! 
Do I overstate about it? hahahah

Like I made a Ribbed Lace Bolero, Lotus Hat, Spring Beret & Angora Lace Scarf
I tried to write out all the lace parts in Charts then it will show how LACE works out! (I am a kind of visual gal, I like to see things in drawing... hahaha)

I will try to create my own lace :) (sure out there still have a lot of nice lace patterns I should try first!)

Today, Feb 9, I tried a new stitch, not a lace, but it is a SMOCK Stitch
It is interesting to see how a basic 2x2 Rib with just a simple twist to make a BIG different! Love it! :D
love, k


  1. Hi, would you be able to post the pattern for the smock stitch you used? Very pretty!
    Cheers Cath

    1. oh sorry just realize your comment and the link not work...here I found another link for Smock stitch in HAT! Enjoy http://www.pickles.no/waffel-hat/