Sewing a clutch bag

I have been busy with my aromatherapy study, but in between exams. I got a kind of free days during June after a heavy mid-term exam of Essential Oil Pharmacy! LOL 

After the last sewing class, I have been dig out my fabric, threads and tools etc I got years ago and also took out my mum's Singer "Vintage" sewing machine. Right after my EOP mid-term exam. I immediately started sewing. I picked this pattern:

Free Pattern & Tutorial from Charm Stitch

My good friend was coming to Hongkong from US for a week. So I wanted to make her something. So Let's begin! 

I have been Pinterest a lot, Youtube-ing a lot to see how people do sewing. So I set up my workplace, sewing machine, iron, fabric, cutting boards, roll cutter, etc........

1) Cut out the fabric & iron them

2) Opened the sewing machine and started to putting the thread in... BUT... everytime I used this sewing machine, I could not remember how to put the thread & the robbin in... I needed to ask my mum how to put them on. Now, I cannot ask my mum anymore (T_T), but luckily I found on youtube! Oh Thank you very much! 

So I started to sew,... another BUT... when I sew the right side together and the lining together I got a problem and I broke the sewing needles... luckily still have one more spare part!!!! @_@

Turned out it dose not look good at all and already 3am, so I gave it up for that night morning. 

Next morning, I search on Youtube to see if anyone would teach more clear how to sew when passing by the zipper. 

Found this one

So, I repeated to cut the fabric and iron them. Second time, I changed the lining fabric to a much lighter colour.

So, here is the comparison picture! LOL

Close-up on the good one:

The day I met her & her 2 kids we went to Ocean Park. 

What's a sunny day! 
I got some sun burn as I forgot to put on sunscreen on my arms and back! LOL

Share with you here - the Sleeping PANDA! They are so cute! 

Although I have been quiet on blog & Facebook, I bought some other handicraft to try! Stay tune for my next sharing! :)

love, love k

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