Sewing.... again

I went to a 2-hour sewing class yesterday at Cheung Sha Wan. I had some sewing experience but not well and I normally learn by watching online in the last few years! haha I found this class with a beautiful fabric and good price. so I give it a try! 

I am amazed by the new sewing machine that is so so so advanced comparing to mine (that is 30+years old Singer that my mom bought it because of me LOL)! The one I used at class was Brother QC-1000 (HKD21,900). From now on I NEED to sew more!!!!!!!!!

昨天去了長沙灣一間手工藝店上了2小時車縫小袋班! 之前上網看人家縫袋很多,其實自己也弄過(不太美)。見布好靚,而且不太貴,所以又去學吓! 

開始車時,才發現現在的衣車實在太先進(今日上網看,原來部衣車成$21,900)...... 我屋企那部是媽咪當年因知生我係女而買Singer衣車! 把手我車得不大好,因為跟我開車一樣,不可以車一直線! LOL 從今起,我要車多d!!!!!!!! 

love, love k

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