Try New Things for Bath - soap making & knit-crochet new things

I love learning all sort of crafty things although I am too slow so still learning not many! 

I have been learning soap making for months. It is interesting & natural but I learn making it because I can make a gift set like this! LOL

So I tried to knit a dishcloth (here as a wash cloth :P) that is knitting from diagonal from here. I added a loop for hook.

Soap Saver: I found that when I put a soap on soap dish in bath, it cannot dry proper and if my sister using another soap mean need another soap dish? So I was looking for soap saver that can hold the soap, scrub & hanging on the rack. I found this one but I cannot understand the instruction as I learnt crochet with diagram! So I used what I just learnt from my sampler of 70's pattern to re-create mine! hehe! 

love love, k

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