70s Pattern Book

I think many knitters like me love to flip around and keep a lot of patterns! I inherit my mom's knitting & crochet pattern books (they are from 70s). Some are still looking pretty for nowadays at least I think so! LOL

This one I quite like it and especially with the little belt! 
I made a sampler to see! 

Look good, agree? :P

love love, k


  1. That top is beautiful! I love the lacey pattern and the fact that it is fitted and not so loosely shaped as almost everything you find in the stores today (at least here in Norway). The belt almost creates a little peplum effect which doesn't hurt either. Now I know what to look for when I go browsing the book shelves in the second hand store - pattern books from the 70s!

  2. Great! Thanks Marit! Yes I found the 70's style is so pretty and as you also observed the well-fit, waist line & the little belt! Look so Beautiful! Ok, now I have more confident to try make one! LOL