Coffee Cozy

2013,... I have been knitting "something" but not all in good progress BUT finally I have one finished object done! haha

This one is a birthday gift for my friend and funny thing is that we (her husband, our gf & I) made a surprise for her!!! hahahahahah She was so shocked to see us when she arrived at the cafe! :P

This is my first attempt to knit a coffee cozy & I picked this pocket one as I think it would be nice to insert a Starbucks gift cards with it!!!! I am happy that I can learn a NEW SKILL of how to knit a pocket like this! YEAH!!!

As her name is PEARL, so I made a crochet flower with a "pearl" bead! Isn't it so sweet?!?!! XD

Hope she will enjoy her coffee with this lovely cozy!!!!! 

love love, k

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