Crochet for baby

Last year around Nov, my BFF had a baby boy and I made a set of crochet hat, vest & booties for her baby boy. 

After 7 months, now I am doing again a crochet, but this time is for a baby girl... in lite lilac color! I like this pattern!!! 

back to work!

love ♥,k


Crochet a 2-ways Baby Blanket/ Cape

Have a chance to make this for a baby girl who is my friend's relative. 

I like this because it can be use in 2 ways and if the baby girl is growing bigger.. just adjust a button then still can use it as a cape!!!! 

The mother of this girl does not want anymore PINK color. hahaha
So, Purple is another option and she saw my Mint Bunny. Therefore the MINT color is also in!!!! 

Havent's done any crochet for a while as you can see my projects from Jan 2012 to now... mainly are knitting! So kind of taking a break from knitting to crochet! :D

love love, k

Organic Elephant 2: Making of...

After I made the Organic Elephant, I am working on a second one. This time is for a fan of Elephant! I just finish all the body parts..... 
Now I am going to take a break from him and jumping into another project for another customer! ^.^

love love, k


Mint Bunny with stripe dress

I love the French Stripe top, dress..... so I made a bunny with the stripe dress!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Do you like it too? Tell me what u think! 
love love, k


Facebook Page

I am happy to announce that LoveLoveK has opened its Facebook Page!!! 

I re-worked the photos that the things I made before!!!! Hope you can follow me on Facebook!


love love, k

Shop: Organic Yarn

On hands, I have some orders that need Organic Cotton!!!! So, here we go... shop shop shop 
love love, k


Organic Baby Elephant

Finally fixed the photos and post now! :P

Introduce to you the baby Elephant (100% Organic Cotton), the outfit is 100% cotton!!!! The original idea was the elephant in lite blue, the pants in darker blue... but the choice of Organic Cotton only had this Blue...so change it! :P

I am really happy with the whole look! It is absolutely great gift idea for a new born baby!(at least I think so)hehehehee 

What do u think?

I sew the date of birth on the tummy,... and Baby name's initials on his yellow top.

Then took some nice photo and made a postcard as an accompaniment
So my customer can write some greetings and send the baby elephant as a set of gift! :) 

Now, I should go to prepare my next order! yeah! :P

love love, k


Baileys with Banana

hehehe I found my new drink! :P

Mash half of a banana + Baileys + Ice = Banana Bailey = yummy! 

Although outside has a construction site and noisy everyday... but let's take a break with Banana Baileys! wahahahahahahaahhahahah 

have a good weekend!

love love, k

Arts in May

beside knitting, ... i am busy with my school group presentation, ...& just got some orders from friends (knit more bunnies) :)...... and many many many more things in my head that have to DO!!!!! 

in order words, I didn't make any thing for my mom on her Mother's day... just a lovely cake and a yummy HOTPOT meal! YUM!!!!! :P

Tomorrow, finally I will go to ARTHK 2012, Hong Kong International Art Fair. 16/5 was the VIP day & many people were already there and posted pictures on Facebook! 

Meanwhile, Le French May is another festival must check out! They have many French artistic disciplines, from visual arts to opera, classical and contemporary dance, music and theatre, as well as circus and cinema. You can find something you are interested in :P

oh friends are coming back from Sydney to HK, so coming Sat we are going to yumcha and then gals' shopping! hohoho 

So many things to do!!!!!! Time is not enough (although I am still "self-employed" :P)

love love, k