Arts in May

beside knitting, ... i am busy with my school group presentation, ...& just got some orders from friends (knit more bunnies) :)...... and many many many more things in my head that have to DO!!!!! 

in order words, I didn't make any thing for my mom on her Mother's day... just a lovely cake and a yummy HOTPOT meal! YUM!!!!! :P

Tomorrow, finally I will go to ARTHK 2012, Hong Kong International Art Fair. 16/5 was the VIP day & many people were already there and posted pictures on Facebook! 

Meanwhile, Le French May is another festival must check out! They have many French artistic disciplines, from visual arts to opera, classical and contemporary dance, music and theatre, as well as circus and cinema. You can find something you are interested in :P

oh friends are coming back from Sydney to HK, so coming Sat we are going to yumcha and then gals' shopping! hohoho 

So many things to do!!!!!! Time is not enough (although I am still "self-employed" :P)

love love, k

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