Organic Baby Elephant

Finally fixed the photos and post now! :P

Introduce to you the baby Elephant (100% Organic Cotton), the outfit is 100% cotton!!!! The original idea was the elephant in lite blue, the pants in darker blue... but the choice of Organic Cotton only had this Blue...so change it! :P

I am really happy with the whole look! It is absolutely great gift idea for a new born baby!(at least I think so)hehehehee 

What do u think?

I sew the date of birth on the tummy,... and Baby name's initials on his yellow top.

Then took some nice photo and made a postcard as an accompaniment
So my customer can write some greetings and send the baby elephant as a set of gift! :) 

Now, I should go to prepare my next order! yeah! :P

love love, k

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