Knitted Hat with flower brooch

This month I don't feel well at all.... already 3 to 5 days I had headache...... flu......Took a lot of panadol actiFast or normal one... also visit a doctor ...
The flu is gone but today headache visits me again..... :(

Today is my younger sister's bday, Happy Birthday to you, Joanne! :D

I made her a Hat with flower as per her request.
Here we go!!!!

The pattern I found at Ravelry.com, Lotus Hat.
It is easy to make and love the pattern!!!! Should make more hahahahaa

The flower brooch: I love this purple with this like gray!!! very romantic!!!!

love, k


my first order - Oktoberfest Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma (aka Relax Bear) 
He is adorable and very popular in Asia. I think he is getting hot in USA now!

I like him so much that why making him some costume to wear.
Here is his first outfit, Oktoberfest look!!! 

I brought him to the Oktoberfest and afterward I got a request... a lady wanted to buy one and bring him to the Oktoberfest too!!! heheh I was so surprised but this is what I want... SELL!!!!!

Thank you very much for this lady for giving me my first order!!!! ahahahha

I am going make him some new outfit and hope will have more people want to buy from me! :P

love, k


What I have done in the last 2 unemployed months

I quitted my job 2 months ago so what I've done?!?!
um... many things... hahahaaa

  1. Clean up all my last 10 years bank statements, receipts... and some old magazines....
  2. Re-set my handcraft area in my room
  3. Simple stay-at-home part time job for a friend
  4. Bought my very first Blythe doll, "Very Vicky"... but I haven't decided a name for her yet?!?!?! Any suggestion? 
  5. Crochet a new born baby set for my best friend's 1st baby boy in Canada
  6. Knit an Oktoberfest outfit for my Rilakkuma.
  7. SOLD a Oktoberfest Rilakkuma (my very first order) :D
  8. Knit a Bolero for myself :P
  9. designing clothes/ costume for Rilakkuma & Blythe
  10. Bought a lot of material for knitting & crochet
  11. Test knitting for Blythe right now...

Set up my Etsy shop to sell!!! 

If anyone wants to have a Rilakkuma with special costume, please let me know! Thanks in Advance!

love, k

Here are some photos to share,... um.. I don't know how to put more than 1 photo  on one line?!!??!?!? :(