my first order - Oktoberfest Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma (aka Relax Bear) 
He is adorable and very popular in Asia. I think he is getting hot in USA now!

I like him so much that why making him some costume to wear.
Here is his first outfit, Oktoberfest look!!! 

I brought him to the Oktoberfest and afterward I got a request... a lady wanted to buy one and bring him to the Oktoberfest too!!! heheh I was so surprised but this is what I want... SELL!!!!!

Thank you very much for this lady for giving me my first order!!!! ahahahha

I am going make him some new outfit and hope will have more people want to buy from me! :P

love, k


  1. Hi Karen, the Oktoberfest Rilakkuma is really cute! all my fds like him a lot :)

    add oil and make more cross culture (esp. German ones) DIY items!! so looking forward~~

    Toffee :D

  2. Toffee, thank you very much!!!! I will make more! :P