SnowWhite Bunny 2.0

Hello everyone, here is Karen from lovelovek.com. 

I just knitted another bunny for my loyal customer. I made her one Snowwhite Bunny and a Blue Elephant years ago. She is a lovely mother who wants her daughter and son having a handmade doll to grow up with. During their recent holiday trip, the little bunny was stolen including her daughter's backpack. What's a sad sad thing to happen!!! 😢

Don't worry! The SnowWhite Bunny 2.0 is here! 😁

For baby, I choose 100% organic cotton thread.
I found it is easier to knit in round instead of knitting flat & stitch up afterward. 

This is a tailor-made bunny, The back of the dress it has a name of my customer's daughter. 

Let's get dress! 

I gave her a little extra,.... a backpack! :P 

I hope this bunny will keep my customer's daughter happy and grow up with her! 

Have a nice day! 

love love k

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