Tapestry Crochet

I have been sick for a week,... and then to see doctor.... @.@ so now I am still taking medicine.

Meanwhile, I started again my frogged project.... (was started in Nov 2012 when I was in holiday at Kota kinabalu, Malaysia)

This crochet technique should be called as "Tapestry crochet" as I searched online. This pattern is from one of a Japanese pattern books I bought in last Summer! 

The pattern here is in 2 color, Black & White.

Base is Round and crochet in Black color, the floral pattern part is in 2 color and the tricky part is the instruction indicates in White = my black color,... and crochet in Black color can make you blind!!!!! 

After back from holiday and I realize the floral part I did (around 5 rows) had some mistake...ugh..... 

After sitting in my bedroom for months, I decided to dig it out and try to finish it! After nights from the last 5 days sitting in my bed, turn on my desk lamp to get better light then I started over again the floral part. NOW, here we are: 

18 more rows for the body part (black color only),  and then with the scallops rim & strings.... 
My target is to KO it within this week! 

Stay tune! ahahahaha

love love, k

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  1. Oh my! That is a gorgeous hat!! I love the look of tapestry crochet but unfortunately, I don't do it as much as I would like. And I never thought to make a hat in tapestry crochet.
    Yours looks amazing!! :)