Making of: My First SHAWL

I saw many knitters make shawls, so many patterns & many shapes like triangular, square, semi-circular, circular & heart-shaped. 

My hands are so "itching" for shawl knitting! :P

Now I am picking up the triangular one & give it a try!!!!

I found this one on ravelry.com... a basic stocking stitch on the main body and some leaves lace on the edge.

The instruction said that using Crochet Provisional Cast on... I searched on YouTube... but at the end I chose to use the Garter Stitch Tab instead. I think this method is more handy! :P 

For Color: I found that Mustard color is a really nice fashion color... even I searched specific mustard color fashion on Pinterest! ahahahah So I tried this shawl with it! I am so excited about it!!!! 

Hope I can share the FO here with you VERY VERY SOON! :)

Needles: US 6 - 4.0 mm
Yarn: Mondial Cable 5 Filo Di Scozia

Color: Mustard


Red Wild Mushrooms

I haven't been blogging and even posting here & FB for more than a month...

The last 2 months were the most horrible period in my life. I have gone thru knowing my mum had a brain tumor, brain operation, chemo treatment, and ...she left us.... ALL PACKED IN ONE MONTH! WTF!*(#$#*#%&~))!(*$%&&% It is totally NOT easy to face it! 

BUT I still have my dad and my sister,... and my mum's mother (our grandma)& our auntie,etc... Since my mum was in hospital, I started to replace my mum to work with my dad... and now have been working for 2 mths, things are getting along but it would be still hard to telling customers my mum has passed away...

Last week, when I was at a bank, the teller asked me where Mrs is.. and I said my mum has passed away. I saw her eyes immediately turned red and my tears started running out...

well well well... stop telling you the sadness of mine... Let's talk something more cheerful as Life must go on!

I have been asked for pricing and custom-made but usually no response after quotation! XD (the orders I had before were all from my friends or my sister's fds). The day my mum left, I got my REAL first customer as she said that she paid me deposit for the Snowwhite bunny. When I saw that email I didn't know it is a good news or bad... as I told her that I need 2 weeks... so I started to make within the 2nd week as the first week was totally sad and tired... 

(actually 2 hours before I got a phone call from hospital on that early morning, I was knitting for another customer,.... and I should continue it NOW)... sorry, michael!!!

Then last week, my sister told me that her friend saw the Red Wild Mushrooms Pencil Topper from my FB page! She loves mushrooms and wanna know if I would sell it... so I made as her request, set of 3.... 

Here we go...

Now I am hoping that my family and myself are all in good health and recover from our lost soon.... and can be really happy for the rest of our life!!! Of cos I also wish all of u happy and healthy! ;)

love love, k