Knitting an Elephant

Many friends are so supportive once they heard me saying I am selling knitted dolls.... Some of them immediately give me order! Thank you so much!!!

The interesting point is all are for new born or young baby.

At the moment, I am making an Elephant...I am knitting the ears.... Hopefully (base on my schedule...) I should finish the whole thing including the clothing TODAY!!!!!

Yesterday morning, I was crossing the harbor by ferry!!!! 
The BEST transport in HK!!!! 

ok, back to my work! :P

love love, k


Testing on Knitting | baby shoes & baby bunny

I am on my way to set up my knitting business (online knitting dolls & accessories)so I have to knit knit knit.... and knit to test on items, size, materials & color combination.... 

I still don't really know how to do the calculation on the GAUGE!!! @.@ Even I have knitted a piece of sample to check... still confusing! ahahah Anyway I will solve this out sooner or later, right? :)

You can see the photo above, tested on Knitting baby shoes in different size and variation! 
Of cos, BUNNY, I love the petite and small bunnies! They are so cute... and my new loved color, mint green! ehehehe
Having fun to making those conversations for them! LOL

Oh... I have got my shop domain name, lovelovek.com!!!! 
At the moment, this link will re-direct to my blogspot first...
Hope I can work out the web design soon! eheheh 

Back to my order now! ^.^

Have a great weekend!!!
love love, k


Knitted Man & Stop Motion Animation

After knitting bunnies, I made a MAN! hahahah
but not an oridinary man..... He is a character from a SciFi short film, Haexagon
The man is using the basic method but the suit was fun to make.
1. knit 2 pants in flat, separately
2. join them together with extra sts for the body
3. add 2 sleeves (I made in circular as I hate sew them at the end, esp in dark color yarn)
4. after join the sleeves to the body, then knit the cap in 2 sides
5. join the hat's 2 sides together
6. add a zipper
7. hand stitch 2 logo badges 
8. hand stitch the brand name :P
 sooooo much fun to making this!!!!

As a gift for the team of this short film, so I think I should make a little "short film" too!!!!

So, try the first time to make a Stop Motion Animation with iMovie. Using music from iMovie and help from my bf (of cos). 


Sharing with you here is my FIRST EVER Stop Motion Animation!!!! 

At the end, here is the website of this SciFi Short Film from Hong Kong, http://www.00c6.org/#!vstc0=trailer/videos
If you like, please support! Thanks a lot!

love, k


Easter | Felt Applique

I made this for last Easter! :)
  • Yellow frame
  • Yellow gingham fabric
  • Yellow ribbon
  • Yellow felt egg with simple embroidery
  • Purple bunny with blanket stitch & french knot for eye
  • Olive green grass
  • Yellow felt for backing
Do you make any wall hanging like this?
I wanna knit a garland of triangle flags hanging around my room... but I need to find more pretty yarn to do so!

Oh NEXT... it will be Mother's Day in MAY.
Any idea?!!?!? 

love, k