Testing on Knitting | baby shoes & baby bunny

I am on my way to set up my knitting business (online knitting dolls & accessories)so I have to knit knit knit.... and knit to test on items, size, materials & color combination.... 

I still don't really know how to do the calculation on the GAUGE!!! @.@ Even I have knitted a piece of sample to check... still confusing! ahahah Anyway I will solve this out sooner or later, right? :)

You can see the photo above, tested on Knitting baby shoes in different size and variation! 
Of cos, BUNNY, I love the petite and small bunnies! They are so cute... and my new loved color, mint green! ehehehe
Having fun to making those conversations for them! LOL

Oh... I have got my shop domain name, lovelovek.com!!!! 
At the moment, this link will re-direct to my blogspot first...
Hope I can work out the web design soon! eheheh 

Back to my order now! ^.^

Have a great weekend!!!
love love, k

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