SnowWhite Bunny

I haven't blogged here for a while... as recently there are somethings consuming me a lot of time....

anyway,... before I go to bed... I made one PS...and start writing here and prepare for the Facebook page's post, too! hehe :P btw....
Have you "LIKE" my page yet??!!?!? ^.<

My customer requested 3 knitted dolls for her family and friend's baby & daughters... so I made 3 totally different styles for her... 

Now I am presenting to you is SnowWhite Bunny! :)
This little fellow will be a 2-years old girl's new friend!!! hoho

SnowWhite Bunny with this long & softy ears is made with 100% Organic Cotton!!!! Her pinky-wrap-lace dress is also made with 100% Organic Cotton. The headband she is wearing that is made with 2 layers of flower and 3 little pearl-look beads!!!

Is she adorable?!?!!? :P

Ok, I am very sleepy now!!! I really need to sleep as still have a lot for me to do tomorrow: (Sat) "Ouch >.<"

Good night everyone and wish you all have great & relax weekend!!! 

love love, k

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