Knitted Snowmen

Christmas is coming in 3 days... the last minute preparation is on fire!!!!

I want to show you here today is the snowmen i made recently. I love them so much!!!! 

Again I found a tutorial on Youtube and this time tutorial in Spanish
the 2-balls Snowman and the nose are basically i followed this lady... but the hat & scarf I went for my own design & coloration. After i made the first one. I thought it would be nice to have a 3-balls snowman to match... So I tried it on my own. Voila! :) i am very happy with it!!! 

okay... have to go now to continue my xmas preparation! >.<
love, k


Xmas Pinwheel Coaster

I like to search knitting/ crochet tutorials on Youtube. No matter which languages they are speaking or how different of the methods they are using. On Youtube at least I can get a better view on it.

Recently I just following the Youtube to prepare a Xmas gift for my boyfriend's grandparents. As this year xmas, we could not go back to meet them so we would like to send out some greetings & gifts to his family.

I followed the following video to make a set of 6 Xmas Coaster.

Easy Video Crochet Pinwheel Christmas Coasters

The pattern is from here

Follow the Youtube saved the time to digest the instruction by myself. :P

set of 6 xmas pinwheel coasters
Just checked a minute ago... the parcel is safely arrived! yeah!!!! 

love, k

Scarf for Charity

Few months ago, received an invitation on FB from a friend of mine. 

What's the invitation? 
Knitting Scarf...

A non-profit organization calls, "Volunteer Space (VS)" who is asking people to donate handmade scarves... 
After they collect the scarves, they will go to some villages in China during xmas time and give these scarves for the people there to have a warm xmas & winter.

So, recently I knitted one, Cable pattern and the first time to use big needles, 15mm. It is very interesting to knit with and very quick to finish it. The wool I used was quite thick and soft...

I already sent out it to VS's office. 

wish everyone has a warm & happy winter! 

love, k