Knit & Crochet

Recently I am back to Knit & Crochet's World.

When I was younger, only read the pattern instruction and asked some senior knitter for help. Now 2011, I can search many pretty patterns, and help from so many people on their website or Youtube. This is much easier to do it at home. I love it.

I am a member of Ravelry so I have already kept so many nice free patterns & bought some patterns on hands. Early this year, I have some extra chocolate color wool on hands, so thinking to knit this Ribbed Lace Bolero by Kelly Maher . 

However, I couldn't figure out the lace pattern - 
"K2tog, yo, yo, ssk" and 
"P1, p1 into 1st yo, p1 into the back of the 2nd yo, p1"..... 

I had been searching online but on that time I couldn't find a complete answer... so put it into my drawer to hibernating... :(

Night of 10/26/2011, I was on Raverly again and seeing this project... so I searched again on Youtube and found this: Knitting the Ribbed Lace Bolero .
This is the exact pattern! Thank you soooooooo much!!!!

10/28 today, I am working on it very well! :D I am so pleased!!!!! ^.^

love, k


Apple Crumble & My Quick Non-Baked Recipe

I love Apple + Cinnamon + Caramel ....... nom nom nom....

I had an apple strudel at Oktoberfest but personally I am a Apple Crumble gal... and especially a big fans of my Aussie Homestay mother's version!!!  :P

I miss her a lot and I may have a chance to meet her in the early Dec this year! yeah.... (cos i am going to fly to Sydney. YEAH!) ... (TBC) :P

Last nite I decided to make myself an apple crumble but my bf's flat has NO Oven..... 
so I thought out to use the cheesecake base ingredient to make my crumble....

My Non-Baked Apple Crumble 
4 small green apples
4 McVities' Digestives Biscuit, break into crumb
50g Unsalted Butter
Around 4 Tbs Brown sugar (2.5Tbs for cooking Green Apples & 1.5Tbs for the crumble mixture)
some Ground Cinnamon

Part I
1. Cut the apple into dice
2. Put them into a small pot with some unsalted butter, and just little water.
3. When they boil, add in the brown sugar and stir.
4. Cook until the apple is tender, then add in some ground cinnamon.
(if you want more sweet and/or cinnamon, then add more as you like)

Part II
1. Mix the crumb with brown sugar & cinnamon together.
2. Heat up the unsalted butter into a small sauce pan.
3. Once butter is melt, turn off the heat.
4. Put half of the crumble mixture into it and stir.
5. After they all mix together, then add in the rest of the crumble mixture

1. Put the sweet apple into a small glass first
2. Then put the crumble on top
3. Highly recommend to add a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream.

Then ENJOY! :P

love, k

Oktoberfest 2011 @ Hong Kong

October Oktober Oktoberfest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oktoberfest Not in Germany, is in Hong Kong!!!!

Last Sat nite, I went to the Bierfest with my bf and friends... and also my Rilakkuma (he wore the Austrian Costume that I made for him) :P

Rilakkuma cannot wait to start drinking and dancing. 

Girls next to us want to join him in the photo!!! 

Playing some traditional songs
Must Have

We had a lot of beer... meat... sausages.... and finally with apple strudel & ice-cream!!! Lot of Laugh, sing & dance!!!

What's a wonderful nite!!!

On the other hand, I still want to go to Germany to experience their Oktoberfest cos I want to see those ladies holding 10+ heavy beer on their hands & arms!!!! 

love, k


Cross-stitched iPhone 4 case

Last nite I finished my own design cross-stitched iPhone case. Bunny in Blue  with a yellow flower.

This case was a gift from my bf and he said I love doing handcraft so he thought this is perfect for me.

YES, it is!!!

I love the bunny looks like a Russian doll... and i will extend this idea! hohoho

love, k


Doily love

as I promised myself to write here everyday so i should do it NOW!

This morning, I was crazy to search "Doily" on Pinterest.
Here is part of my result of today on photo....

Will try making Doily on tomorrow. 
Why tomorrow? cos I helped my sister to fix on her Maid of Honor dress today...

love, k


Take action

I have been reading blogs about crafting at home and then even selling their handmade stuffs on Etsy. I am always fantasy on it.

Now, it is a right time to do so but where I should start with?!!?
I like knitting, crocheting & sewing... but none of them are very good at........ :( 

So what should I do?

Last nite before going to bed, I thought ok, let post everyday a post about what I have searched online that I am interested in the most of the day. Post the project I am going to or doing on it.

Hope I can keep this up and make my dream comes true!

Have a good Sunday!

love, k


start again ... crochet

There are many new babies will arrive to the world within Oct!!!! I am doing some crochet for my best friend's first baby boy!

I made a hat and now making the little booties!
Plan to send out on Thur... so let see if i can make a vest for him or not! :P

After she receives the gift, i will post here! :D

stay tune!

love, k