love, k

loving too many things.... it is hard to organize time to do so....

from now on i will keep my interest in and share with people.
hope i can keep this up! 

love, k 


  1. Dear K, I just discovered your blog via Pinterest, and as I came here to see some tutorial, I thought it is going to take me few minutes. Now I find my self searching your blog and reading your posts for much longer than I planed. Just need to tell you how much we have in common in many things and I feel as I know you for real. Nice blog and great work.I will read your blog regularly.Just like your perspective. My best regards, Ankica.

    1. hello Ankica, nice to chat with you here! Thanks for enjoying to read my blog. Yes I know out there are so many people like what we love! That's why I like to blog and share my interest! Recently I am studying Aromatherapy, very challenging! And because of your compliment, I will work hard to update my blog and do more interesting stuffs! Thanks again!!! love, love k