Panda is one of the cutest animal. 
I have been thinking to knit a panda for a long time. 
Recently I saw a Top-down Gingerbread Boy on Ravelry (*free pattern).

After I finished the bottom part, I felt like I am making a baby! 
So adorable already! 

I stitched the eyes and nose; and then crochet the ears! hehe

love, love k


Baby Elephant for Yu

Knitted Animal is BACK! 

This is an order that I received last year. Yes last year! The buyer said "NOT RUSH"... then I was really lazy and slow down...............

Finally I made it and passed it to her today. It was my pleasure to make 2 Organic toys for her 2 children. I made a white bunny for her baby Yui and this time made an elephant for her baby YU.


this mother of 2 is a writer and recently she has a new book released and she gave me a signed one! YEAH!

love, love k