my 2012 knitting summary! :)

I am so happy to gather all pictures of my work in 2012 together in time before 2012 is leaving soon!!!!! 
So thankful this year I had so much opportunity to knit so many although I didn't knit DAILY! but hey this amount of knitting not too bad, rite?! (actually i still have 2 projects for myself couldn't finish in this year! :(..... well well well)

Keep on going in 2013!!! 

love love, k


Hello Boxing Day

Hello Boxing Day!

I think most of you still enjoying the warm home sweet home xmas holiday right now.... maybe drinking hot chocolate eating gingerbread or eating xmas pudding or got drunk & sick!?!?! ahahahaa

me back to work after xmas day knitting at home (my last order in 2012)....

Now at work but not much to do so I am working on my photos as I want to make a list of what I have been knitting in 2012....

Here is one of them and I think I didn't show before! Enjoy

Love love, k


Wish you Merry Christmas

wish you all merry merry merry christmas!
have a warm & sweet holidays!!!

Hong Kong here is 9 degree at the moment and people are happy because it is cold enough to put on nice coat (yesterday was 13 or above degree too warm for this holiday season)! hahha

love love, k


Hand in Hand on 22/12/2012

21/12/2012 was not the end of the World, 
so Today we can continue living hand in hand! 

love love, k


Macaron x Bunny variation

Macaron again! Bunny again! Mint Color Again!

I was trying to create something fun! This is the one of them! :P I love it! hahahah But afterward I was busy so I couldn't continue to do more from it!!!!

Anyway, now is December I am trying to making every piece in a photo with month for my record! So coming days you will continue seeing my 2012 project photos like this! :P

Hope you like it! 

love love, k


Knitted Macarons

Who wants some macarons?! hehehe

This is a quick gift idea! 
Anyone wants to make it? You can add more decoration on it?!? 

love love, k


Mulled Wine (Glühwein)

Mulled Wine(Glühwein in German)is a hot red wine cooked with spice. My first taste of Mulled wine was.... 4 years ago in Christmas Market @ Vienna, Austria. Wow, after this, I fell in love with it very very much!!!  

I bought a lot of instance mulled wine mix in Austria before but this Xmas is run of out stock. So it is time for me to cook the REAL one!!! hehehe

Here is my second round of this year!!!!!  
So I would love to share with you here! wahahahaha
The original recipe is from The Food Network.

If you also love this festive drink, let's cook & drink it! heheheh 


love love, k


Elephant Parade

I am making my 2012 knitting Photo recap and here is the 1st round - baby elephants!!!! 

I would like to revise it to make them look better! 
What would u think? Can you give me some advice or suggestion please?! 

Thanks in advance!

love love, k


Kraft Hunting Thursday - DIY

I only posted once on this title of "Kraft Hunting Thursday" before... ok, let's continue today! :P

Today, I found this lovely video to inspire you to re-create your old things to New.

In this video, it is showing you how to DIY your "classy" boring sweatshirt into Baroque-look! 

If you don't like the pearl-bead, you can add some triangle stud, or even star stud instead!!! Let's try to create your own!!! 

BTW, love this video!!! Hope I can make video like this in the future! ;)


love love, k


Matryoshka Doll Keychain

I made this for my dearest sister who time-to-time would forget to bring her key! LOL

I thought ok... let knit a keychain holder for her & think Matryoshka doll is one of the popular icon for craft making beside like bunny, bear, owl,.... hehehe

I tried 3 times to reach this final shape... I knitted it in ROuNd & from bottom uP. When I was knitting to shape the head part... at the first 2 times didn't look right... then I tried to decrease 1 row with 2 knitting rows... then decrease again... That's it!!!! Look right finally! hahahah

I also did the lining in Purple with white polka dot.

Luckily I have the right color of purple in ribbon & facet bead! Yeah! 

love love, k


Baby bear

Why I made this baby bear way back in July?

Because my friend aka my customer whose sister (@Canada) is expecting a baby but at that time not known the gender yet! However, she wants to get one knitted doll for her sister to bring back to Canada. So we both decided to make a bear & with yellow color for more neutral! :P

um... my friend hasn't updated me if her sister is having a boy or sister! Let me ask her when I'll see her next week for our Gals' Xmas Dinner! XD

love love, k


1-2-3 Say Cheese :)

Happy Weekend! (although I do work on every Sat...)

When I did the photoshooting for them I was very excited!!! eheheh

have a good weekend! 

love love, k


Naughty Bunny

This one I made in July.... I took a lot of photos before I had to give her away.... 
She gives me a feeling that she is a naughty & very active bunny!

This photo can tell you a lot! ahahahah 

love love, k

little elephant L

Another elephant! 
As I said yesterday this one is a for a lady, my buyer's girlfriend. So, I made a trick that is the nose I made a HEART Shape! ahhahahah so look like she is giving a kiss! LOL

She is flying away tonight so excited and hope my buyer's gf would love her as I do! :)

love love, k


Little dress for a little one?!

I was thinking my 2nd half of the 2012 have not knitted too much... but when I made a list of what I have been knitting in 2012.. WOW... very impressive! LOL

This one I finished recently.... this little mint dress again I use the same lace as before but I tried to use one tone with a little touch of white instead of top in white, bottom in mint. Then I can add a little white tag on the dress with the name on it! What do you think?

For the headpiece, same as before. This time the end customer is a lady so I used a pearl button to enrich the look! :P

Hey, where is the owner of this dress????? Revealed later :D

love love, k


Little Elephant k in Oct 2012

I made this elephant in Mint color (organic cotton).
The dress & headpiece are mixed with Lite Lilac, white and a bit of pink.

Overall, I am happy with her and esp I like the dress is without button & an initial of my final customer,a 1-yo girl, K. :)

One more elephant girl is on the way to show here! 

love love,k


My New Project Bag

Yesterday I went to a cosmetic shop looking for eyeliner only! Of cos as a woman,... would love to walk around and see new things in the shop. 

I saw this set, from Decleor! 1) I used this brand before and think ok I can buy again. 2) This BIG bag also attracted me a lot & think ... um... I can use it as my project bag. So.... heehehe BOUGHT IT! 

love love, k