Knitting a Easter Bunny: Karol

After I made my bunny Kayla & posted on FB. My sister's friend asked for making one for her daughter who is a bunny lover.

So I made one for her and finished it before Easter! YEAH! :)  
Let me introduce this little bunny, Karol, to you here!
This time I made the dress in proper with a lovely collar! 
I am really happy with it and definitely I am going to make more! hohoho 

Can I turn this into a good business????? .... 
umm... I spent lot of time on it... so it is hard to do so, rite!?!?!?!??! Anyway I REALLY REALLY REALLY enjoy doing it!!!!
Oh I need to buy myself some real chocolate Easter eggs!!!! :P

love, k


Bamboo Knitting Needles

I used 9" dpns to knit the bunny, eggs, mushrooms....but I was thinking, "Oh I need smaller needles!!!!"


I bought the 5" bamboo knitting needles. 
It is a 15 sets of 5 dpns in Bamboo.
Item $ + Shipping $ =  £22.99 + £1.95 = £24.95
[from UK to Hong Kong]

UK and European sizes are
2mm,  2.25mm,  2.75mm,  3.25mm,  3.5mm,  3.75mm,  4mm,  4.5mm,  5mm,  5.5mm,  6mm,  6.5mm,  8mm,  9mm & 10mm

US sizes are
0,  1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  10.5,  11,  13 & 15 

The parcel I got it after ONE week I purchased online! 
They packed each size into one plastic bag & each needle stamps the size on it. That's great!!!! (I think I should make a bag to store these beautiful bamboo needles ^.^)

**They are very good to knit with!!!!!! 

Check this out: www.Bamboo-knitting-centre.com

love, k


Knit for Easter | Easter Egg & more

Last week I knitted the Bunny Kayla.
Then I knitted some Easter Eggs & Carrots, and even tried out my own Basket,a Tulip and ...!!!! 

Oh by the way, recently here is an APP that is very hot now!!! "DRAW SOMETHING" Soooo addict to draw and guess! Is anyone out there also playing with this game?

For Easter Eggs:
The basic pattern for Easter Egg is based on here. 
The Embroidery one I used dpns size 4mm and added the flowers afterward. 
The Stripes one I used dpns size 3mm.
*I prefer using dpns instead of the Magic loop but definitely I need to buy some shorter dpns!!! >.<

For Basket:
I just tried it out as... 
CO 44sts on 3 dpns (size 4mm). 
Row 1-4: Knit
Row 5-6: [K2,P2]repeat
Row 7-8: [P2,K2]repeat
*Repeat Row 5-8 one more time
Row 13: [K4,K2tog]repeat,K2(37sts)
Row 14: Knit
Row 15: [K3,K2tog]repeat,K2 (30sts)
Row 16: Knit
Row 17: [K2,K2tog]repeat,K2 (23sts)
Row 18: Knit
Row 19: [K1,K2tog]repeat,K2 (16sts)
Row 20: Knit
Row 21: [K2tog]repeat (8sts)

Finishing/ Handle:
Cut 3 yarns same length, sew thru to one side of the basket around 2nd row. Make a knot together, then twist these 3 yarns together.
Until the length of the handle you like. Then attach them to another side of the basket and tie a knot. Then Done!

Hope this pattern works for you!
*Please knit as for your personal use! Cannot be sold! 
Thanks for your attention!!!

For Carrots:

For the tulip & more.... I will post next time!
Thanks & Stay Tune! :)

love, k


Knit for Easter | Bunny Kayla

Easter is coming soon!
Are you already preparing some crafts for this Easter?

I made mine! :)
I am here to introduce to you.................. Bunny Kayla!!!!!!
She is in beautiful purple and white.

I never made this in any kind of materials... never made Felt teddy, fabric, or crochet/ knit... But this time I think I should try to make one. So I was searching on Ravelry.com to see if there is any free pattern for this kind :P

Here is the pattern I found on Ravelry.com and it is really easy to follow although the original idea is to make a lamb. So I made my version with a pair of bunny ears & a snowball tail! 

How to say, each part is quick and easy to make, but when u need to sew them from flat... I found it is Not good just sew them. It should use the Mattress stitch for sewing each small part up. Then you will have nice & seamless look! ^.<

Secondly, I would suggest the legs & arms should cast on with waste yarn. So when you doing the closing at the end, u just take off the waste yarn and put the thread end through these stitches and pull tight together.  It would make it more neat. (I think...)

For the ears, I knitted the back then change the front color and continue to knit the pattern in backward. Then both wrong sides facing each other, and sew up the sides. 

So, after finished the bunny Kayla. I think I must knit her a nice dress to celebrate the Easter. The color should be Yellow & White! Cos I feel the purple, yellow & white is the good combination! :D

For the dress, it is my own design.(basically was a trial & error) :P Bottom of the dress is yellow with white stripe and a lace, then top is white with a yellow hearts. I was struggle how to knit up to the neck line & sleeves.. but at the end just give up and BO. Next day, I was thinking "oh how's about lace collar!" so here we go!!!!!!  lovely lace collar, Kayla now is an up-to-date fashion gal! ahahahahaha

For the headband, just a basic garter sts with a crochet flower.

Tomorrow I will show you what else I have made for Easter! :)

love, k